through collaboration

The Animal Ball 2016 was hosted by Elephant Family and also benefitted three more of the most pioneering conservation organisations; The Aspinall Foundation, Space for Giants and Lion Guardians. Thank you to everyone who formed part of The Animal Ball and helped bolster the conservation sector through creative and collaborative fundraising.

Elephant Family

The greatest wildlife story of our time is taking place right now and Elephant Family is playing a vital part in changing its ending. As Asia’s jungles are chopped down, all animals living within them are being wiped out.

Elephant Family is protecting the biggest and most intelligent animal of all – the Asian elephant – whose numbers have dropped by 90% in the last 100 years. We exist out of urgent necessity due to a serious lack of investment and attention on this humanitarian and conservation issue and fund projects across Asia to stop this conflict happening. . Our vision is to create a future in which elephants and other species that share their habitats live in harmony with people.

To date, we have funded over 150 field projects and are currently active in six of the 13 elephant range states:  India, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia. The projects we fund are working and have already reduced the conflict by as much as 90% in the areas we have so far reached.

“Elephant Family’s fabulous Animal Ball will put Truman Capote’s fabled only black and white one in the shade. And you won’t have to come as a panda or zebra”– Nicky Haslam